Points on the Unit Objective Exam

Here are the values for the number of questions you got right.

Understanding Feedback for the Introductory Comparison.

I am glad to help any of you—including with a conference.


Background on what we are going to do.

1. If there are colors on your paper, what do the colors mean?


2. Where did the strange numbers come from on your rubric for your Comparison (Comp)?

·         The values charts for 20-point Comparisons built with Excel

·         Common calculations


3. What is the 0 or 10 for the Good Habits for Evidence grade for this Comparison (GHE)?


4. Note well:

·         I realize that some of you really worked hard. You will be great with minor improvements or change of habit.

·         I found that some of you tried hard to do something that—to my knowledge from working in industry and from examining publications on concerns expressed by employers—no expert in a field (whether a upper-level prof whose reference you will need or a boss) will want.
I have found that all students can do this work. What’s required to do that is that you change your habits.


5. To get the extra credit in the offer below and the offer with your Unit 1 Comparison,

a)      You must complete the form.

b)      I must still be able to read all of my marks and comments.


c)       I must get everything back (paper & rubric & this sheet).

If you need more time or you want to make a copy, you may check it out today or wait and check it out next week, but—if I don’t get everything back—you get 0 for the extra credit and the paper.

d)      If you want a conference, I am glad to do it.


The Offer about This Introductory Comparison

You have the grade for the writing and the grade for the separate Good Habits for Evidence grade (and all or nothing grade of 10 points) for this comparison. You had had an offer of 20 points extra credit if you had did all of the Good Habits for Evidence.


This is a different way to earn those 20 points extra credit. Some of you have a lot to do; some, only a little bit.

1.       I will explain quickly things in the form and leave up the links so you can correct your paper from the screen.

2.       If you have things to compare side-by-side that will take more time, you can always check your paper out today or—if you’d rather—check it out next week.

The Offer about Unit 1’s Comparison

If you make no errors in Good Habits for Evidence for Unit 1’s Comparison, I will gladly take that letter grade for Unit 1’s Comparison and replace the grade for the Introductory Comparison.

Example: You make a C+ on the 50-point Unit 1’s Comparison. I will change the 20-point Introductory Comparison to a C+.


What You Had Available When You Submitted the Good Habits for Evidence Responsibility Paper

The Good Habits for Evidence

All of the Good Habits for Evidence that you used at the beginning – You don’t have to go to Getting Started to see it. You can just click on the link above.

How to get specifics on what you need to do based on your marked paper

This link is for another purpose but it has information that some of you need.

The marks on your papers are—most of the time—key words. You look in the left column for those key words (such as the word Chicago) or phrase (such as the phrase Changed words). That row tells you both an explanation of the problem and where you go to get information.

How are the points calculated for my grade on the 50-point Comparison

What Each Criteria (Each Row) of the Rubric Is Worth on a 20-Point Comparison (This was on a main page of Good Habits for Evidence.)

The rubric and how it works

The Rubric and What Each Criteria (Each Row) Is Worth (This was on a main page of Good Habits for Evidence.)

The rubric and examples of Comparisons

The Rubric with examples of C, B, and A Comparisons (This was on a main page of Good Habits for Evidence.)

This link includes Why Using Footnotes or Endnotes Can Help You with Any Evidence-Based Writing.

Reminders from the Good Habits for Evidence

How the Instructor Grades Alters Responsibility to Match the World of Work (This was on a main page of Good Habits for Evidence.)


Would Anyone Pay You for Work Contrary to the 5 Good Habits for Evidence? (This was on a main page of Good Habits for Evidence.)







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