How Weighting of the Rubric Works


Click here to hear a voice explanation of How the Evidence Rubric Works with the Practice Essay—and essay on a single topic (a single part) but you have to understand all the other parts if you are going to make sense.

Looking at the Evidence Rubric If the Student Were Absolutely Perfect (100% on Every Row) with the Practice Essay

The voice explanation covers these things in the order listed:

·         Notice the Concept column and notice that 90% of the points are from the first two rows:
-  Reading for Evidence is worth 60% of the entire grade (or 6 out of 10 points for this essay).
-  Writing with Evidence is worth 30% of the entire grade (or 3 out of 10 points for this essay).

·         Notice the headings that start with “A” Paper Criteria, “B” criteria and so on. Notice what the big deal for an “A” Paper is teaching the content for the question that Blackboard asks you and teaching it in a common sense way as you would with a relative perhaps your own age. If you want more detail on teaching your smart cousin, click here.

·         Notice that the last two rows are only 5% each (or ½ a point out of 10 points for this essay). As the voice explanation says, pretty words that are not true will not earn many points. While writing well matters, in this course the priority has to be learning history.

·         Lastly, notice that 100 Scale Grade and the Point Scale and next we are going to look at what happens when I enter something in that column.


If you do not see the rubric with perfect scores, click here.

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