Links from Your Instructor for Chapter 19: Seizing an American Empire, 1865–1913


Self-Testing Using Answers to Observe Patterns about Government

·         Without answers for self-testing: Comparison of Governmental Actions from 1883 through the 1890s
With answers for observing patterns: Comparison with Answers
Purpose: Look at all the problems faced by workers and by farmers. What is government’s goal at this time?
Notice the new governmental form of the commission—it will be an issue not just in Unit 2 and 3, but through today.

Seeing Change Over Time in American Business and Foreign Policy

·         Seeing Change Over Time Color-coded terms to help you notice what happened in the background period from 1882 to 1893 and the active period of expansion after that to 1900:
- with the economy and politics
- with Hawaii and the Pacific
- with China
- with Latin America and the Caribbean, including Cuba and the Spanish-American War

  • For events of the period after 1900, use this study tool.
    Study Tool: Chronological Events of the 1901-1914 Era (administrations of Republicans Theodore Roosevelt and Taft and of Democrat Wilson) – In Chapter 19, this is only used for foreign policy and events.






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