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What is self-testing and how can it help you?

Seeing How History Changes

Most links place historical facts in a table so you can easily compare them. You are not memorizing all of the facts placed in these tables. Instead, you are using those facts to notice changes and patterns. To help you, most links provide tips on what to notice.



·         1860-1877 Quick Reference on the Civil War and Reconstruction. – Includes essential content prior to Chapter 16.

  • Notice why the North wins the war
  • Notice who does what to whom in what order in the years after Appomattox
  • How does that have consequences on when the Northern voters decide to elect Congressmen who will intervene in the government of the South
  • What is that intervention?
  • Notice the amendments and when they happen
  • When did the Northern voters decide to change who they elected to Congress?
  • Why are Southern whites trying to stop by violence Southern blacks from voting and running for office?
  • What are the things that change after 1865 through 1877 that makes the Southern blacks unsafe in some areas of the South?
  • What is the transformation of the nation that is going on in the war years and with the legislation passed during the war years while the Southern members of Congress were not voting
  • What changed with not only blacks in the South, but also with big business, factory workers, women, and farmers in the North and West and South? (Note: Farmers in those regions are different.)

·         Study Tool: Chronological Events of the 1867-1877 Era (compressed to 1 page) – Purpose:

  • Notice the color coding

·         Events of corruption and SCANDALS in this era

·         Who exposes that corruption?

  • Ask yourself why so much corruption then and not before at this volume?
  • If you were living in this era and reading the newspaper, what would you be thinking is happening?


Optional Reference:

·         Shows side by side the traits of North and South before the Civil War (and therefore after as well): Traits of North and South from about the 1830s to 1860 – demographics, economy, government and politics, social controls, religion, education, and more

·         Shows Key Parts of the Missouri Compromise including the tally of Senators and Representatives in 1820. As the tally shows, the practical reality is:

  • That North outnumbered the South in the House of Representatives before the Missouri Compromise. That the Missouri Compromise confirmed in the new territories of the Louisiana Purchase the earlier agreement in the Northwest Ordinances of 1787 that the North would not have slavery in the new territories. This meant that—as those territories became states each with 2 Senators--the North would outnumber the South in the Senate.





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