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What is self-testing and how can it help you?


Tips: What Helps Learning?


Seeing How History Changes

Most links place historical facts in a table so you can easily compare them. You are not memorizing all of the facts placed in these tables. Instead, you are using those facts to notice changes and patterns. To help you, most links provide tips on what to notice.


·         -Study Tool: Chronological Events of the 1901-1914 Era (administrations of Republicans Theodore Roosevelt and Taft and of Democrat Wilson)

-       Notice the new trends in American life.

-       Notice how the political parties are working and what is leading to reform.

-       Notice the former categories of labor (usually factory workers) and farmers.

-       Notice the new groups that are trying to alter their position in American politics and life.

·         Sketching the differences in the 3 presidents the sketch as a PDF

-       Looking at my sketch may help some of you.

-       Making your own sketch as you read can help all of you.
The only difference in a sketch I was doing for my use only is that I would add page numbers to the sketch—not because I plan to cite, but because sooner or later I will have to retrace where I found a piece of evidence.




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